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We make Hire-Masters® - teaching you how attract and select only applicants who will contribute to your success & happiness

Hirebox reveals how to master talent acquisition – knowing that people are THE make-break point of your success. Whether you need to evaluate your applicants, or you are looking to develop the most effective hiring process in your company/practice, we have all the needed tools to make you talent acquisition experts.

Hirebox Pre-Selector: a “Happiness Contribution Index"

This unique pre-screening assessment evaluates every applicant against 6 universal characteristics which have proven to (1) make people happier and more enthusiastic on a job and (2) contribute to the success & happiness of others in the group.



Get full access to our pre-hire assessment platform with unlimited number of tests. Get hatted on our pre-hire assessments and take advantage of our 24-hour dedicated support hotline.

Hire-Master Program
This program provides you with an online, personalized tutoring and coaching support. While going through each step of the hiring process, you benefit from the direct supervision of our professional consultants. Each assignment is evaluated and validated; each practical is passed with our expert coaching. This online training program includes a permanent phone coaching and support service, as well as certification for each registered person.

Get Fully trained on our online Hire-Master program. This is the only practical guide that guarantees to revolutionize the way you attract, select and keep top employees to expand your company or practice in a very competitive employment market.

ELITE Hire-Master Program

By enrolling on this program, you optimize the odds of developing absolute expertise on the subject of talent acquisition. You will enjoy the constant support of our expert team as well as the guarantee that the principles you learn in the Hire-Master training program and the testing platform are well implemented.

Full coaching/guidance for your hiring campaigns (up to 5 per year). We guide you and help you directly with the full process of each hiring campaign, from begin to end.

  • We help you improve your employer branding power – as you need to develop strong visibility on the employment market in order to attract great talent.
  • Personal training & coaching and guidance from one of our top consultants, with certification of completion when you have completed the training program.
  • With this ultimate level of service, you have the guarantee of developing the most effective hiring process in your company for many years to come. This is a very personalized intervention of our experts, who train you and coach you through every single step of the whole recruitment process throughout the year (up to 5 hires)

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